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Land Clearing In Ashby: Unlock the Full Potential Of Your Land

Discover the freedom to reimagine your property with our land-clearing services in Ashby, MA. As a trusted local land-clearing company, we efficiently remove overgrowth, trees, and stumps, transforming cluttered or unused areas into valuable, usable space. 

Whether for residential or commercial properties, our professional team ensures a quick, safe, and thorough clearing process. Confidently set the stage for your future landscaping dreams or construction projects.

Tree Planting Service In Acton, MA

Create A Safer, More Enjoyable Outdoor Space In Ashby

Embrace a safer, more accessible outdoor environment with our land-clearing service. Beyond aesthetics, clearing land reduces potential safety hazards from overgrown vegetation and decaying trees. 

Our experienced and fully licensed professionals use specialized equipment like cranes and bucket trucks to clear your land effectively, paving the way for a healthier, more balanced ecosystem around your Ashby home or business.

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Our Land Clearing Portfolio

Transforming overgrown, unusable land into functional and beautiful spaces with our professional land clearing services.

Committed To Your Trees' Well-Being

Prioritizing the Health of Your Trees and the Safety of Your Property

Partner With Our Expert Arborists

Feel confident with an ISA-Certified Arborist overseeing your project. We’re not just about service; we’re about education, helping you understand each step of our process.

Excellence In Tree Care

Our passion for tree care shines in every project we handle. We ensure swift, top-quality completion of your tree service needs, leaving your space tidier than before.

A Seamless Tree Service Experience

Clients appreciate our clear communication, punctuality, and transparency. Our specialized equipment and fleet are ready for any tree challenge, ensuring efficient debris removal and job completion.

Our Thoroughly Planned Process

We value transparency and safety in every project we undertake in Ashby, MA. Our process is meticulously planned to ensure clear communication and utmost safety. You're always in the loop. Your property and safety are our top priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions For Land Clearing In Ashby, MA

How much does land clearing in Ashby cost?

The cost of land clearing in Ashby varies based on the size and complexity of the project. 

  • For small-scale clearing, such as preparing space for a pool, garage, or patio, prices start at $2,000, usually completed within 2-4 hours. 
  • For average-sized lots ranging from 0.25 to 0.50 acres, the starting price is $3,500, with an expected completion time of 5-7 hours. 
  • Larger projects begin at $6,000 and take 1-3 days to complete. 


These prices are average estimates and can vary depending on your project’s specific requirements and the equipment needed. After your on-site consultation, you’ll receive an exact quote to assess your unique land-clearing needs.

Our service includes the removal of trees, stumps, and overgrowth to prepare your land for new projects. We handle everything efficiently and safely, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life.

Absolutely. Clearing the land is a crucial first step before any construction or landscaping project, ensuring a clean, safe, and accessible workspace.

The duration depends on the land’s size and the extent of clearing required. We can provide a more accurate timeline after an on-site assessment of your property.

We approach every project with an environmental consciousness, aiming to balance your needs with the local ecosystem’s health. Our team ensures responsible clearing practices to maintain ecological integrity.

Your Experience Is Important To Us

Read our reviews to see why homeowners in Ashby, Massachusetts, love working with us!

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Dan KilpatrickDan Kilpatrick
21:06 06 Mar 23
This is the second time we have used Arbor Works to remove trees. In both cases, Eric and his crew were entirely professional in their work and in our interactions, a pleasure to work with. They also give very reasonable pricing. Arbor Works is our first option when needing tree work.
Chris MountainChris Mountain
19:27 29 Dec 22
We have used Arbor Works several times over the last three years. I can’t recommend them enough. We have used Eric and crew to maintain a signature tree on our property and address emergency storm damage. They are profession, thoughtful, courteous and offer exceptional service.
Bob CreechBob Creech
00:03 27 Dec 22
In a very treed environment I have had about 60 trees removed over the past 30 years. I have had both good and less good experiences. Arbor Works is a very good experience, good crew and good result.
Sara ZarrelliSara Zarrelli
15:12 11 Oct 22
Arbor Works did a tree health assessment on our property, which was very clear and easy to understand. We decided to go forward with deadwood removal and pruning on three silver maples, two bradford pears, and a flowering dogwood. The crew that did the work was very professional, all six trees have improved structure, and clean up was meticulous. Very pleased with the outcome; would use Arbor Works in the future for tree work.
Damian DupuyDamian Dupuy
04:06 19 Feb 22
Eric and his crew were friendly, professional and did an amazing job taking down over 20 large trees with such amazing skill and machinery. They worked together like a well choreographed team each doing their own task to make the job go so smoothly. I have never seen a team of professionals work so well together in my life and I have built and remodeling 6 properties. This company was the best I have used by far.

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