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Arbor Works is arboriculture company of professionally trained MCA and/or ISA certified arborists that value safe and efficient tree work for commercial and residential environments. If you have high standards, and are as much of an adrenaline junkie in the trees as you are building your own career, this is the space for you. We welcome to you apply to join the crew!

Open Positions

Crew Leader / Foreman
In this role, you are someone who can lead a small crew, and enjoys both creating and promoting a positive team environment. You have the ability to interpret requests initiated by the customer, and plan daily work for your crew to execute. You prepare, operate and maintain all tools and equipment including hand tools, chainsaws, chippers, and aerial lifts. You climb trees and operate a bucket for trimming and removals in and above the power lines. Above all else, you safeguard employees and the public from hazards in and around the working area as the leader.
Climber / Arborist Professional
In this role, you are part of a strong team to see job site success. You not only climb trees, but you prune, thin and remove deadwood throughout the tree canopy. You put safety first by installing cables, braces and lightning protection systems. You properly maintain, prepare and operate all tools and equipment including chainsaws and chippers, and remove hazardous trees.

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