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What We Will Do Next


Consultation: Generally, we are on site for a consult within one week. We will be as thorough as possible and listen to all of your concerns and goals. We’re proud of our ability to listen closely – it’s one of the many reasons we wear ear protection in the field!


Proposal & Price: We provide an estimate and price based upon the initial visit & consultation. Prices may change if additional work is needed or if conditions unexpectedly change.


Booking: We agree on a time and get it on the calendar ASAP.


Work & Cleanup: The day you’ve been waiting for (us too)! We show up with our crew & equipment, get the job done, and clean up.
Note: The work we do – operating heavy equipment and dropping staggering amounts of mass to the ground from great heights – will leave some kind of mark, but we go to great lengths to minimize impact.